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Samples of Social Media I wrote for White Star Bar

We're open every day for lunch. But not every day that ever was, or every day at once.
That would destroy the linear perception of time. go >>

Our $6 meal specials are the best you'll find, unless you have a time machine! In which case you could consider going to London in the late 1790s… go >>

Attractive people wait to serve you hot food and bracing drinks. The world is awesome! go >>

Our brunch menu covers appetites large and small, so you're covered wherever you fall on the
Dennis Rodman-Kim Jong Un spectrum. go >>

If you jailed a White Star burger with competing patties, it would get the top bunk, a new TV,
and be addressed as "Mr. Hamburger, SIR". go >>

Three men walked into a bar. The bartender served them food and drinks, which they enjoyed at their leisure… go >>