I've worked and volunteered at legendary freeform radio station WFMU (91.1 FM) in various capacities for more than a decade. This has included researching and writing science-oriented news scripts for the morning news breaks. Here are some samples of those scripts.

Defending Ukraine, fighting Alzheimer's disease, and passing on cryptocurrency when you die. Listen here

How power corrupts, John Steinbeck's werewolf mystery, and the fiscal cost of wrongful arrest. Listen here

Cybersecurity for cars, sausage rankings, and fear of the cicada swarm. Listen here

Electrifying the government, a giant turtle may make a comeback, and annoying sounds. Listen here

Avoiding light pollution, seagull staredown, and the search for alien life. Listen here

Paleolithic Denisovan writing, getting it on with hominids, and fighting the skunk menace. Listen here

Tiny glowing sharks, praying mantis spectacles, and the failure of crash-test dummies. Listen here

Marking time with the moon, brain-to-brain interfaces, and marijuana in the workplace. Listen here

Zapping cancer with lasers, subbing M. Curie for M. Carey, and creative meth shipments. Listen here

Ancient pot, a haunted spot, and racing lots. Listen here

Australian unicorns, dragon sounds and rhino sex robots! Listen here

This town goes to 11, sympathetic vomiting, and Pepsi. Listen here

Fighting Alzheimer's, the history of writing, and underbites. Listen here

Sword crime, fancy whiskey, and nunchucks. Listen here

SantaCon, balloon assaults, and flying animals. Listen here

Fighting pollution, fish thievery, and government surveillance. Listen here

Death metal fans find peace, robots find love, and juries find guilt. Listen here

Clones are coming, but witches and violent drunks are already here. Listen here

New Jersey gets pot, China gets mooned, and Turkey gets recycling. Listen here

Welcome to the apocalypse! We have anthropomorphic bears and record burnouts. Listen here